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Where you do business is just as important and how and why you do it, which is why we aim to create a workspace dedicated to your individual needs in a community environment conducive to growth, creativity and learning.

Located in the business and industrial Providence district of Mahé island, you’ll find blend Seychelles in the state of the art Abis Center.

Our spaces combine private and shared workspaces, conference rooms, and modern and inviting common areas to inspire collaborative conversation.

Speedy Wi-Fi
Unlimited Coffee
Comfy Common Areas
Community Support

ABIS Center and Providence

Abis Center is in close proximity to prime retail outlets, restaurants and banking services and only a 10 minute drive from the lush Eden island complex and 20 minutes from the capital Victoria.
Restaurant and Take-aways
Banking Services
Retail outlets

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Blend Seychelles: Establishing a prosperous and innovative co-working space in Seychelles. Offering both locals and visitors the chance to rent a desk and be part of a collaborative and inspiring environment. Our priority is the well-being of our members.

We strive to bring them the best services and experience so that they can concentrate on what is important.

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Blend Marceau is the new chic Parisian coworking space offering flexible closed offices from 2 to 15 workspaces, as well as fully custom spaces such as partial floors to 33 people for a unique and private corporation.

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